Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Top 7 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Nowadays

DO YOU REALIZE that the money you throw on fuel could be your monthly amortization for a home? Here are top seven reasons you should invest:
1. Property’s still the best investment out there. “The stock market is very volatile for people who are looking for a place to invest or where to put their money. It’s still real estate. It will still appreciate in value,” said Bobby Disini, vice president of PS Bank’s mortgage banking division. He added that even if people already have houses and still have money to spend, it would still be wise to invest in property. They can sell it later on.
2. Government housing loan provider Pag-Ibig has competitive rates now, making homes more affordable to Filipinos. “Make the most of what we can offer now,” said Rafael Odes M. Abaño III, vice president of Pag-Ibig Mutual Fund’s Loans Organization Group. “We still have our low interest rates and we encourage Pag-Ibig members to avail of our housing program now.” According to him, despite the global pressure of increased interest rates, Pag-Ibig does not react overnight to such increases. “We consider the impact on our members,” he added. Abaño enumerates a 6 percent interest rate for a loan value of P300,000; a 7 percent interest rate for loans over P300,000 to P750,000; and a 10 percent interest rate for loans over P750,000 to P2 million. For a loan of P750,000, therefore, the monthly amortization amounts to just P4,900. Abaño shares more advice on applying for Pag-Ibig housing loans and restructuring delinquent loans at the Philippine Real Estate Festival on July 25 at SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia in Pasay City. The Pag- Ibig call center is 724-4244.
3. A roof-over-your-head principle “The family will always want a house over anything else,” Disini said. “That’s why we have a lot of overseas Filipinos working abroad and the first thing in their mind is to buy a house and a car,” he explains.
4. Buy while prices are still low. Alejandro S. Mañalac, president of the National Real Estate Association, revealed that developers are increasing their prices. “The soaring prices of major construction materials are eating up developers’ margins. If buyers will just compute, the 10 to 20 percent increase that the developers are planning to implement is not even enough since the prices of steel and cement have practically doubled since last May. Those who are constructing their own houses can relate to this.”
5. Cut back on travel cost. Eduardo M. Alunan, president of the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association, said that whether oil prices are high or low, investing in property under the present environment should be made a priority. Location, especially factoring in the proximity to the workplace, has always been a major factor in order to save in travel costs in and around Metro Manila.
6. Borrow now. “I would advise people to borrow now. The rates will not hold primarily because inflation is still going up. I expect interest rates to go up and right now I think it’s the best time to apply while the rates are still at this level,” Disini said.
7. Search for the best home financing rate available. Go where you can find the best rates available because the rates won’t hold for long, Disini said. “Try to fix (the financing rate) for 5 or 10 years so that you won’t worry about any rate fluctuations. If you go for home financing, look for a bank that’s stable, or a bank that’s going to offer you fast service. Once your rate is approved, it can only lock in for a certain period of time.”

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Real Estate Industry in the Philippines Still Strong

why ?
  1. Robinsons Land Corporation --- 16% jump in net profit first nine months to 2.12B from 1.82B a year ago (The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Nov. 14, 2008)
  2. Condo prices rose to an average of 14.2% in 2007, following a rise of 9.3% in 2005 and 2006 (Colliers International, Oct. 2008)
  3. Trump eyes investment in Subic free port (Agence France-Presse, Nov. 5, 2008)

These are just some of the recent good news regarding the real estate industry in our country.

Seems odd because most of the countries are now into recession.

So if you are in sales right now, but in a different field, why not try selling our real estate properties.

Join us!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sonata Private Residences

You should check out the new model units of Sonata Private Residences. It is definitely the best (in terms of interior design) among all the model units of Robinsons Land. The structure that holds the two beautiful model units is like a big house in itself, with a luxurious grand piano near the main entrance and an indoor pocket garden in the middle. Parking is not a problem - there are parking spaces provided for guests/visitors.

By the way, if you plan to visit, just text or email me so I could guide you.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Business Opportunity Meetings

We will be conducting weekly Business Opportunity Meetings (BOM) every Saturday (starting November 15, 2008) at 10:00 in the morning until 12:00 noon here at our main office - THE GRAND SHOWROOM, ROBINSONS LAND CORPORATION, Lower Level, East Lane, Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Ave. cor. EDSA, Quezon City.
This is for those who would like to earn additional income by selling condominiums developed exclusively by Robinsons Land Corporation.
After attending this short seminar, you automatically become members of 'The Associates' - a special group of Real Estate Associates being handled by Team Elite (one of the top teams in RLC).
By the way, don't forget to bring your resume. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why sell Real Estate Properties

Well, why not sell real estate? :)
  • No joining fees! (uh oh! networkers will get mad)
  • You earn big bucks if you sell one. With the same amount of time and effort selling other products such as cars, life insurance, pre-need plans, etc., you definitely earn a lot more in one shot.
  • As of this moment, real estate is still one of the best investment options you have in our country.
  • There is a great demand for homes. There is a huge housing backlog - the country still needs millions of housing units to fill up and satisfy the demand for shelter.
  • Lots of inventory. We have more than enough projects at Robinsons Land Corporation. You may just focus on our company or on one area and still make big bucks.
  • A huge number of Filipinos like to try selling real estate - they know how lucrative it is. They just don't have the confidence and the guidance.

To make it short, just keep on reading this blog and one day, big bucks will come your way...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Real estate - one of the best investments

Just to show you why buying real estate is one of the best investments that one could have in the Philippines nowadays, I have here an example.
Mr. Happy Investor is a client of Emmy - one of our Account Managers. Mr. Happy bought his 2 bedroom (77.90 sq.m.) loft-type unit at East of Galleria last July 31, 2006. That time, the TCP (total contract price) is appoximately P/4.6 M
Today, around two years and two months after he bought it, the TCP of that same unit is approximately P/6.2 M ! An increase of around P/1.6 or 36% from his old purchase price. That would mean a 16.7% increase per year - which is much higher than your time deposit interest rate. This is even higher than the average ROI from investing in the stock market (if ever you're lucky enough to have a profit). Stock market is so terrible these past months and might still plummet.
To top it all, Mr. Happy Investor didn't even pay in cash. He chose a very affordable monthly installment scheme. To date, he has paid a little over 2 million pesos. Now with an increase of 1.64 million compared to his cash out of 2 million, it's now time to do your math :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why buy a condo?

There are a number of reasons why it's good (or better) to buy a condo nowadays.
1) Location.
Condos are usually strategically located. Robinsons Land condos are almost always built and located near a mall - Robinsons Place Residences (right smack in Robinsons Adriatico Mall), Gateway Garden Heights/Gateway Garden Ridge/One Gateway Place/Gateway Regency (all located around Robinsons Forum Mall in Edsa corner Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong), Otis 888 Residences (beside Robinsons Otis Mall), Woodsville Viverde Mansions (beside Robinsons Mall along South Superhiway, Merville Paranaque), East of Galleria (a block away from Robinsons Galleria), McKinley Park Residences/The Fort Residences/Fifth Avenue Place/The Trion Towers (all located in Bonifacio Global City), Sonata Private Residences (near Shangri La Mall and SM Megamall).
If you live near a mall, it follows that you are also close to the best schools, entertainment areas, offices, hospitals and churches. This will save you a lot of time, money and energy when you travel to your destination.
2) Security.
It's more secure to live in a condo - you could easily screen your visitors from the gate or from the lobby, 24 hours roving security, CCTV cameras on common areas, intercom (in case of emergencies - i hear stories of elders living alone comfortably and securely inside their condo units).
You could even leave your condo units for weeks or months if you want to go on vacation without having to worry much about burglars.
3) Amenities.
This part I love the most. Imagine having a swimming pool, gym, basketball court, jogging paths, children's playground, function rooms, etc. all within easy reach? Isn't that fantastic?
4) Ease of maintainance.
It's more easier to clean and maintain a condo unit compared to a house and lot.
5) Better investment.
Condos usually appreciate faster and easier to rent out too because of its location. People would surely love to live beside a mall, right? :)